Beneath the Ceiba Tree

La Diablesse

Episode Summary

Another family affair! In this episode, we look to Trinidad & Tobago as Sedina interviews her uncle Roodney Clarke about the story of the enigmatic, dangerous and seductive, La Diablesse.

Episode Notes

This week  Sedina Fiati interviews her uncle Rodney Clark to discuss La Diablesse.  We discuss the feminist implication of the Trinni take on the femme fatale.  In another family affair,  music featured at the end of the episode by the wonderful Savannah Taylor (Sedina's cousin Roodney's daughter). 

Find Savanah:

Insta & Ti k Tok @savtaylormusic, Spotify  and Bandcamp.

See the full performance of Savannah's interpretation of La Diablesse on youtube.

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